Tuesday, 1 March 2011


This piece is about memory, how some are set and solid and fixed, you can confirm them with dates and photos while others are floating and fragmented, snatches of something, then when you try to share that memory, someone else has a totally different perspective. I grew up by the seaside, surrounded by sea, woods and mountains, this is just a fraction of those childhood memories.

The New Studio

I may have mentioned it, but did I tell you the studio is moving? Its very exciting, to clear the new space, I had to get my old asbestos 1970's garage pulled down and had the exciting fun of men in blue suits wandering around my garden with big sledgehammers. What an ace job, smashing stuff and pulling it down....

So here are a couple of pics of the progress. I've also been researching what to put in its place which is the fun bit. Studio Dog had a practice sit down to try the space out.