Thursday, 23 February 2012

N is for Nerves.

This weeks AlphabeThursday is N is for Nerves and I've got quite a few today.  You can follow the badge below for more entries.

Tomorrow is installation day for my next exhibition at The Crompton Tavern in Derby.  Its a lovely old pub steeped in history and the owner is an artist who lets other artists display their work.

For this exhibition, I've concentrated on paintings of Derbyshire and Wales, the two places that are special to me.  I based the idea around Thomas Hobbes's travels in Derbyshire where he named it 'The Wonders of the Peak' 

I've been busy framing, finishing off and trying to ignore the self doubt and worry.  Luckily I will have some help from a fellow artist and friend to install the work, straight lines are not my strong point and its likely the paintings would all be slightly wonky if left to me!

View towards Belper, Derbyshire. Mixed Media Painting.
I'm also showing some paintings for the first time, so I feel rather nervous about that too... However, I have my best Joe Brown dress ready and my friends, Red Ruff will be singing thier 3 part harmonies to entertain us all.  Follow the link for their My Space page where you can hear some of their beautifully sung songs.