Thursday, 24 March 2011

A strange week...

This week has started off rather strangely, on Monday, workshop that was not all together great and left me with a very uncomfortable feeling. Its a two day workshop and I'm not sure whether to go back for the second one, still undecided on that.

Tai Chi on Tuesday and this week my arms and legs weren't so unco-ordinated, they seemed to actually realise they were related to each other! So my body is remembering what to do, even though my brain doesn't.

I also had an opportunity to be assertive, which felt fantastic. Really standing up for something I believe in which in turn leads to me feeling a stronger person within myself and my own practice.

What a pity I didn't use the assertiveness on Monday at the workshop, next time I will use it in my feet and leave!

Next week is going to be busy and has lots of meetings which I'm quite excited about.