Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Starting the big move.

It's starting to feel like I'm really truly moving into my new studio as today I dropped some books off at Cromford. There's no furniture as yet, so I carefully placed them on a windowsill. 

It also got me thinking that I have to really make this work. So far my studios have always been rent free, so I've been able to kick my heels back a bit. But now I have to make this space pay for itself which means that I will have to put into reality the workshops and ideas I have been dreaming about. 

The 'if I had the space...' Flights of fancy. 
The 'if I could just do... Momentary ideas. 

I have given myself the space, I know when I have the times, I just need to get on with the doing and that is the really scary bit, but I really believe that once I have done the workshops, events and artwork I've been planning for the last two years, I will be achieving my own personal ideal of success. 

Monday, 27 May 2013

Exciting blog entry...

I feel I should do a blog post to talk about my wonderful weekend at Studio 61, the atmosphere, the cake, the lovely visitors and all the SEO advice, get traffic to your blog blogs says you should make each post exciting and interesting to capture a returning audience.  They also talk about algorithms but I'd got bored by that point...

But to be honest, I'm way too tired and only capable of watching kittens and dogs. Or dogs wanting kittens. 

So this is my favourite clip on You Tube and probably covers the level that my brain is functioning at...