Friday, 13 January 2012

Painting Progress

Progress is going well with the paintings.  I experimented with some water soluable oil paint on Thursday and was quite pleased with the result.  It also led to me constructing a washing line in the living room above the radiator so that they dried out just that bit quicker.

These were trail runs for the canvas's but I quite liked the results as they were, I will probably work into them further and see what happens.

I'm off exploring tomorrow to visit some areas of the Peak District for the De Mirabilibus Pecci Exhibition at The Crompton Tavern in Derb.  The plan is to head up to Castleton and see what lovely views we can find, hopefully the sun will shine and it won't be too cold.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Alphabet Thursday - H is for Haikubes

I've started a new word game via this wonderful blog, by Jenny Matlock, and it has given me the opportunity to play with my new Haikubes. I bought these for workshops with children and need to get used to using them and its a fun way of playing with words before I try to enthuse kids with them. 

You roll the dice and create a haiku on the subject using the words that lie face up.  I did struggle to figure some of the syllable count and I'm still not sure about the word riches, but decided to just go with the flow.

So my first attempt is:-
I marvel Fertile
Riches, Tangle Inside Shelter
Finally Dreaming of You.

And I enjoyed it! 

Very Exciting New Year

I feel very excited at the moment.  I'm preparing for an exhibition at The Crompton Tavern(more information to follow) and got my cheque in on time for the Derbyshire Arts Trail in June.  I'm joining a group at Banks's Mill in Derby and showing my work there.

I've been reading some historical context of Derbyshire and some of the travel writing.  Daniel Defoe (ca. 1659–1661 to 24 April 1731) was less than complimentary, calling the Peak District a 'Wonderless Wonder' while Celia Fiennes (c.1662-1741) was very scathing of the beer in Buxton. 

'... the beer they allow at meals is so bad that very little can be drunk..'

My favourite writing has been by Thomas Hobbes(c.1588-1679), the philosopher who is credited with being the founder of English moral and political philosophy.  His most famous work is Leviathon, where he presents his thoughts on metaphysics, psychology and political philosophy.  He wrote De Mirabilibus Pecci after touring the Peak District and dedicated it the Second Earl of Devonshire and describes there being 7 Wonders of the Peak.  My aim is to visit and paint all these wonders over the next couple of weeks ready to show at the Crompton.