Friday, 27 April 2012

One Drawing a Day

I treated myself to a couple of new books this week.  One of them is One Drawing a Day by the members of Studio 1482.  The first day's drawing was a simple line drawing, which I really enjoyed doing. These drawings took about 5 minutes each.  The idea is to move the pen and the process of drawing, not the outcome.  I particularly liked the first drawing.

A lot of the exercises are not new to me, I did a lot of them while doing my art foundation course, but its a good reminder of them.  I planning to run some drawing workshops when I have taken myself through a few more exercises.  Its just a case of being more disciplined! I think drawing is a good practice to keep up, the ability to capture something you observe with a few lines is a skill well learnt.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Desperate Artwives Exhibition, Vibe Gallery, London

The Blue Tree by Christine Gray

I am very very happy to say that my work got selected for the Desperate Artwives Exhibition at teh Vibe Gallery, Bermondsy, London on the 19th May until the 29th May.

The Blue Tree has been selected to show, its a mixed media piece that I painted a while ago. I was looking at Franz Marc at the time and was inspired by his blue horses paintings which are a favorite of mine.

The Large Blue Horses by Franz Marc.

Blue Horse II by Franz Marc
Marc was part of the German Expressionist movement in the early 1900's and his paintings are just beautiful.   So I'm incredibly pleased that my painting which was directly inspired by him was selected.  It was an indulgent piece of work by me which I enjoyed doing.