Saturday, 27 August 2016

Return to Making

I've been having a break from my own making for a while, just doing little bits here and there with no real direction. I'd been asked to teach a more advanced class in felt making this September, so decided to do 3D vessels, which meant I had to get my felting equipment out to remind myself of the process as I'd not done it for a while. 

Oh feltmaking! How I'd missed you.  I've wholeheartedly thrown myself back into making fabric from wool and decided to embark on a Certificate in Feltmaking Techniques run by the International Felt Makers Association. 

This morning I made my first piece of felt for the coursework, a square piece using blue face Leicester wool, this had to have straight edges, which I really am not very good at.  

The Blue Faced Leicester looks like this. 

It took two attempts and though it's not perfect, I'm quite pleased with this result. 

The piece on the left is my first attempt.