Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Starting the big move.

It's starting to feel like I'm really truly moving into my new studio as today I dropped some books off at Cromford. There's no furniture as yet, so I carefully placed them on a windowsill. 

It also got me thinking that I have to really make this work. So far my studios have always been rent free, so I've been able to kick my heels back a bit. But now I have to make this space pay for itself which means that I will have to put into reality the workshops and ideas I have been dreaming about. 

The 'if I had the space...' Flights of fancy. 
The 'if I could just do... Momentary ideas. 

I have given myself the space, I know when I have the times, I just need to get on with the doing and that is the really scary bit, but I really believe that once I have done the workshops, events and artwork I've been planning for the last two years, I will be achieving my own personal ideal of success. 

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