Saturday, 26 February 2011

Mattieu Ricard

I found Ricards talk very inspiring and relevant to my own current research, he uses the analogy of being at the bottom of the ocean, with the hard rocks as the depression and the being on top of the waves as the high mood, I have been thinking about collaborating with a friend and artist who is a film maker, to do something in a swimming pool that can relate to the halyconic feeling that swimming gives me, that weightless feeling of freedom as you settle our breathing into a rhythm and get into the flow of happiness. So hearing Ricard talk this morning as I cleaned and scrubbed the kitchen, was a welcome relevancy. Does this give the idea of filming in a pool a more critical edge because I can reference a philosopher and buddhist monk? Having never been very big on the criticalness of my own work, it makes the whole happiness project feel more exciting, and ultimately contributes to my own long term happiness.

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