Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Artist In Residence - The Arboretum

I'm currently half way through my first residency at Derby's Arboretum in Normanton. It's a beautiful busy park full of wildlife and old trees. It was the first free park in the UK, and has undergone a restoration over the last few years.

I'm working out of the Orangery and spent last week drawing and just getting to know the park. I enjoyed the opportunity to just draw, instead of worrying about answering emails and all the usual day to day things that get in the way.

After a few days of not being in the Orangery, I've returned to today with a new sense of vigour!, and spent a few hours bending wire and covering it in modroc, I'm not sure the forms are exactly how I want them to be yet, but they will be dry enough tomorrow to put a covering of plaster on and the form will grow and develop further.

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