Thursday, 29 September 2011

Busy doing nothing...

I could put a song on about this... but I posted it to facebook instead. I started my sketchbook for the sketchbook project this week, only done one drawing so far, but it is started. I've also done some painting, not happy with one of them, so I've done my usual thing, put it away for about a year then I'll get it out and think its not so bad and redo it. I've also transferred my website domain to a new provider which I've been meaning to do for at least six months, so I'm very pleased with that. I can now have a much more intuitive site to use, I've found google sites hard to navigate and clunky to use, so I am heading over to wordpress. I've also finished another mixed media painting. I'm enjoying applying myself to old buildings, I wanted to go up to Wingfield Manor and do some preliminary sketches, but they are only open for guided tours nowadays. I'm wondering whether to contact them and see if I can gain some access.
I now have to go and put all lovely art materials away, they may be too tempting for the hoards of children coming home for a birthday tea tonight!

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