Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Derby Makers at The Silk Mill Museum

Our Sunrise Pinhole Camera - Beer Tins and Gaffa Tape!

Last night, I took myself and my daughter off to the Silk Museum to play at making pinhole camera's with the Derby Makers.

It was a really good experience, we were given our (empty) cans of beer to gaffer tape, put a hole in, and insert a piece of photographic paper in.  Between us we made three camera's and now have to decide where we will put them.  The plan is to make it a sunrise pinhole camera.  Facing south it will track the progress of the sun across the sky for the next 6 months.  We intend to put ours out on the Winter Solstice and bring it in on the Summer Solstice.  We haven't actually decided the exact spot for each camera, but will be posting the results in 6 months.  I'm also hoping to do this with a class of year 3 & 4, so hopefully will get good results there.
This is all very experimental, I've seen images taken by Sunrise Camera's but its all a bit tricky, subject to rain, wind and if placed in a public place, cleaners, drunks and the curious.

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