Sunday, 1 December 2013

Too busy to blog!

I never know whether it's a good or bad sign that I'm too busy to blog... 

I need to write the words that get stuck on my head for a bit of clarity and stop a big tangled web of letters bumping into each other... But then I get so busy that I don't have time to stop and reflect, which I also love, the adrenaline of being busy organising events, taking part in art fairs, planning meetings, funding meetings... and making sure I exercise for my own sanity to keep those feel good endorphins flowing. 

I think that balance has been missing, the time alone to reflect and think, to read and drink tea. To walk my dog through woods. This weekend has been one of those welcome respites to the hectic run up to Xmas, with the opportunity to climb up the steep hill near my studio and crunch some autumn leaves, to laugh at my dog trying to squeeze her middle age spread through a stile (climb over!) and to take some photos of trees. 

A brief interlude before the mad rush of domestication. 

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