Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Big Lunch Extras at The Eden Project

I've had a whole week to reflect on my experience at the Eden Project's community building programme, The Big Lunch Extra.  I struggled to get an objective point of view at the time, mainly due to a lack of sleep (hot hotel room = 3 nights of insomnia) and a full on day of talks, activities and workshops.  I found spending so much time with other people quite exhausting.  I don't even spend that much time with my own kids and I've grown quite fond of them!

However, one week later and my energy is fully restored, the facebook group has been set up and further plans to meet up have been arranged and I find myself chatting online to other camp attendees, growing some friendships from just a few short conversations and really seeing the benefit of going down to the beautiful environment that is the Eden Project.  I am actually feeling optimistic and confident that my ideas could work and even if they don't, at least I tried.

I've got a couple of ideas I want to develop, and yes, one involves fire after hearing Sue Hill talk, possibly one of the most inspiring talks I've ever been too.  What struck a chord was her saying it's ok to do things small & delicate, that it doesn't need to have fireworks and speeches, you can just do something sensitive too.

I much prefer to work this way and give people the space to take their own interpretation away.  A much more gentle approach.

I took lots of photos over the weekend, spent a time in the toilet photographing the mosaic artwork and the gorgeous plants, but here's one of the banners that's up in the Core.

I intend to keep playing, stay grounded and stay young.  (but I'm still going to use my lovely new old lady shopping trolley)

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