Saturday, 4 December 2010

Recipe for Frustration

This recipe is ideal for early December 2010:-


A foot of snow.
A studio that thinks it's a victorian ice cellar.
A burner on order. (put aside for later when the snow clears and it can be picked up)
8 miles of distance between materials and studio.
Several sheets of ice on a hilly roadside.
Pinch of school closures.

Mix all ingredients together to ensure full frustration is acheived, you can also add in the worry about picking children up from other locations as a bit of garnish. To complete the frustration cake, having a clear view of how things would be better if only the burner had been fitted before the snow and the materials brought back to the studio, so when you got stranded there, at least you could have worked.


  1. Hi - We were in the same position at the start of December - with our woodburner out of action until our chimney could be lined do to it having massive gaps. So we had to ride out the snow for a while then during a little dry spell the chimney was fixed, the woodurner sorted - but then the water header tank froze. Crickey it was a cold December!

    Liking the blog Chris :O)

  2. Ah and suddenly the sun is shining and you are called Sunshine Meadows! which makes me want to lie back in a field and close my eyes at the sun til I can only see red.. Glad you're liking my blog, I've just started reading yours. xxx