Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Claymills Victorian Pumping Station

I've just spent the weekend at the Claymills Victorian Pumping Station, just outside Burton On Trent. It was their first craft fair, organised by Hayley, of Forever Forged, who is the Blacksmith at the Station. We were also joined by Jayne Sanders, their first Artist in Residence, This is Bazaar, Samantha Eynon and a Jeweller, whose name I didn't get, and a wood turner, who was called Paul.

This has made for an enjoyable weekend and a good trial run for next weekends Draycott Arts & Gardens Festival, it gave me the chance to put all my work out and see how it looked together, luckily, it looked ok! A few tweaks and it will all look much better.

They also have THE BEST, Beetroot and chocalate cake, which sounds wrong, but tastes soooooo right!

Its well worth a visit when the steam engines are up and running, if not for the noise, then definately for the smell.

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