Thursday, 2 June 2011

Wonderful Derbyshire Art

I went along to the re:place symposium last week. Where I got to hear lots of artists speak about how they had approached their residency in Derbyshire. It has made me really consider how I will approach my upcoming residency at Derby Arboretum. My proposal was fairly safe, and although it is clearly thought out, it feels very much in my comfort zone, so I'm hoping to be able to push that when I get there. I think my plan may be, that if I think of something I'd like to try, and it gives me butterflies and I'm scared, then I'll have to at least have a go!

Bizarrely, one of the re:place commissions is based at Longshaw, near Grindleford, in the Peak District, where I spent 3 days as part of the Derbyshire Open Arts, unfortunately the only parts I got to see, were the views from the car as I drove home exhausted at the end of each day! But wow, what views, and I did take my camera (yes, a proper film one!) and stop and take some pictures, so I can look forward to developing those soon.

A weekend is planned with a sketch book, studio dog and some walking shoes, to go back and do some drawings. This will have to be soon, as the Snee-Snaw project starts soon and I'm evaluating it for Andrew, and I suspect it may take over our lives.

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