Monday, 17 October 2011

I am having a very, very full on week.  Last Thursday, my daughter and I went to pick up her french exchange student, who is already a very elegant young lady even at 13.  So the weekend was spent showing her the Derbyshire Countryside and we caught the train to Matlock and walked back over the tors to Matlock Bath.  I took lots of photos of the most stunning views, that I have only driven past, which will provide the inspiration for some new landscape mixed media pieces.  Also found a bonus lovely old door...

I managed to get to a life drawing class last friday and immersed myself back in the flow of drawing.  I haven't done any life drawing for about 8 years, so my first attempt was very small as I had forgotten how to scale up when measuring.  Luckily, my friend who had taken me, hadn't forgotten and was able to show me how to do it properly.  Although the results weren't brilliant, they weren't too bad considering my lack of practice!  Not sure the models leg was really that shape... or that foreshortened, but I really enjoyed loosing myself in the practice of learning to draw again.  I used to be quite good at life drawing so hopefully I can relearn that skill again.

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