Sunday, 6 November 2011

Quick Catch Up...

Just a quick catch up, I love it when I'm busy but find I don't have time to do posts or updates. 

I now have work in the Muse Gallery & Art Studio in Heage, a lovely little gallery, full of yummy things all arty & crafty, I would thoroughly recommend a trip out there, I particularly liked Mandy's personalised hearts and they have gone on my christmas list, just got to figure out who to give one to!

The same week, I was accepted as an associate member of Bank's Mill in Derby, which is a studio's owned by the University of Derby, and last week I submitted four paintings for their open studios.  So that feels very exciting and a bit of a milestone achievement for me personally.  I'm doing more paintings with texture and collage, and finding the confidence to put them out there.

Then this weekend, two events, Compassionate Derby on Saturday which was highlighting how to live ethically, sustainably and cruelty free.  I try my best but often fail at this, even though I don't eat meat and try to live economically, next to some of the issues being raised, I look as bad as someone who eats at McDonalds every night, which is a hard lesson on self reflection. I know I could do more.

But all this was counter balanced by the Mad Hatters Tea Pary and the eating of lots of cake today.  This was in aid of Leukaemia and Lymphona Cancer research so all the cake eating and calories was for a good cause...

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