Friday, 3 January 2014

New Years Revolution

Like most people, I've set some New Years resolutions, goals, intentions, aims... Call them what you like but they are there to help us improve out life. 

I've tried to make mine specific and achievable. No 'get fit and loose weight', but getting fit includes running a half marathon, loosing weight includes going to slimming world and I have an aim in mind. These are my more boring ones, but they're mine so I will do my best to stick with them. 

The ones that I'm more likely to let slide are the creative challenges because these are the ones that really ask me to push myself. To do one collage a week so that I have 52 pieces for an exhibition, these will reflect my year and what is happening for me emotionally and physically. I also need to find an exhibition space. 

I think I may need support with these, so here's my idea. To meet up with friends and take the baby steps needed to fulfil all my life goals and dreams for the coming year. I don't want to be sitting here next year with a feeling of regret because I let the dreams go. 

I've also picked a word for 2014 to stick by and that is to be Authentic. 

I'll be putting the idea of a meet up to talk about reaching for our aspirations out on social media, if you fancy joining me, let me know. 


  1. You have certainly got off to an extremely positive start Chris! I love this image by the way xx

  2. Love the image and I like your idea of meeting up to talk about aspirations. The Beetroot Tree has a lovely exhibition space by the way, not too big and overwhelming either.,